Noank Shipyard Winter Storage Services

Ultimately all good things come to an end each season and the time for winter lay-up descends upon us. Whether you are the discerning boater who prefers the comfy nature of indoor storage or the adventure of the great outdoors, our spacious yards and buildings are available to accommodate you.

For the sailor, both mast up and mast down storage is available and for all boaters. The option to haul (up to 70 tons) or to remain in-water are additional choices you have here at one of our yards.

Outside Winter Storage

Includes Haul, Wash, Block, Outside Storage, Stands & Launch in Spring.
Pricing based on linear foot.

Inside Winter Storage

Includes Haul, Wash, Block, Inside building storage, Stands & Launch in Spring.
Pricing based on square foot.

In-Water Winter Slip

Unless commuting to Fisher's Island, all in-water winter storage is available at Seaport Marine.
Winter electrical charges may apply.

Mast-Up Storage

Available at Seaport Marine.

Mast-Down Storage

Available at Noank Shipyard and Seaport Marine.
Un-stepping is completed at Noank Shipyard.

Mast Storage

Inside or Outside Available.

The Seasons

Winter Season - November 1 thru April 30

Contract Terms

Annual Contracts Encouraged (Winter - Summer Combinations)
Pay In Full Annual Discount Available
Payment Plans Available